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Can art and design improve business?

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For the second time, the multimediatic Sérgio Póvoa Pires – architect, urbanist, watercolorist and jewels designer and partner of Sorttie Soluções Criativas was invited, as the only Brazilian, by Euromed-Management Marseille to run a course in that prestigious Business School .The course is part of an International Seminar that Euromed runs every year.

60 graduate students participated in his course that happened in the first semester of 2010. The Universes of Man, Art, Design and Business were extensively discussed and in the end, as part of the joint effort, new and innovative Products and Services, based on sustainability and global responsability, were presented.

“It is amazing how, when we observe was is happening around us, guided by curiosity and open minds, new very interesting ideas appear”, said Sérgio.

After Euromed, Sérgio travelled to Nantes to run another course, this time for Audencia Écóle de Management to Mastères Spécialisés – Marketing, Design and Creation Graduate students.

For next year another 2 Business Schools have already invited Sérgio to run courses for their graduate students.

Invitations for courses and lectures can be adressed to this Blog or Sérgio’s e-mail:

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